‘Classical music attracts everyone, even gangsters’

About Violinist on a Bike

We are used to hearing people say that classical music is for senior citizens, for musicians themselves, for the rich or well educated ones. There is an idea that only this part of society is able to appreciate and understand classical music. But the reality is different: for too many years classical music wasn’t even accessible to the rest of the people.

My name is Justina Auskelyte. I’m a Lithuanian violinist living in Sweden (www.auskelyte.com). ‘Violinist on a Bike’ is my new project that aims to bring classical music to everyone in town. With the violin on my back I cycle around the city and in places that particularly draw my attention (stores, cafes, parks, squares, bridges, etc.) I stop and perform classical music.

From the very first day of the project I could see that the interest and appreciation of classical music is way greater than one would think. People who just would have never listened to the violin music before - kids, young couples, shop owners, bartenders, tourists and even so called “gangsters” of the town - stop for a moment and with curiosity observe the performance.

‘Violinist on a Bike’ is a new way of bringing live classical music closer to the people in their everyday life, building new collaborations and keeping classical music alive.

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'Classical music attracts everyone, even gangsters'

Justina Auskelyte moved to Sweden for love. Marriage, residency permit, permanent job, and creative projects - all this happened in less than a year. Violinist on a Bike is her most recent idea and she's surprised how quickly the word spread. A week into the project, she met people who were already informed about it.

Violinist on a Bike - Meet Justina Auskelyte

An Interview with Lithuanian Violinist Justina Auskelyte (www.auskelyte.com) who is going around on a bike in her new hometown of Malmö playing the music of Bach, Paganini and others in coffee shops, barber shops, parks etc. Hear all about Justina's project. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hello-stage/support

Hon låter hojen ta musiken till nya ställen

HOJLIRARE. Ett sätt att lära känna sin nya stad och att lära staden känna henne, samtidigt som hon försöker föra ut klassisk musik till nya lyssnare. Justina Auskelyte är "Violinist on a Bike" - hon ställer sig och spelar på sin fiol där man minst väntar sig det.