Who is Violinist on a Bike?


Justina Auskelyte is an internationally acclaimed Lithuanian violinist, graduate of the prestigious Juilliard School in New York, holding awards from more than a dozen National and International Violinists’ Competitions, performing on a fine Italian master violin from early 18th century.

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© Henry Arvidsson

© Henry Arvidsson


What is Violinist on a Bike?


Violinist on a Bike is a new way of presenting live classical music and making it easily accessible. It takes finest live classical music performances from concert halls, brings it closer to people in their ordinary lives and eliminates the barriers between the performer and the listener. Listening to live classical music becomes as easy as riding a bike!

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Violinist on a Bike is:

Concert Soloist with Orchestra

Violin Solo Performances

Duo Auskelyte - Pezzi

Private House Concerts

and much more…

There's a performance for everyone.